Corona virus

If you are searching for Coronavirus , it means you are like millions of netizen who are scared of the news getting spread faster than the virus itself.

Let’s cut the scrap and come to the main point- how to safeguard from it?

1. You got to be insanely cautious for hygiene.

2. It can spread through air or fomites.

3. Don’t shake hands with anyone, instead do namaste or Salam or ram ram.

4. Don’t touch your face or nose with your hand

5. Wear mask/gloves at most of the time.

6. Use sanitizer frequently.

7. Keep door knobs, faucets, handles, flush buttons, sterile.

8. Use protective gowns when outdoor. Learn to remove it without touching the outer surface. Go through YouTube videos to see how doctors get dressed before an OT.

9. Report any suspected case to national helpline for corona virus, it’s important not only for you but for our society.

10. Same holds true in case of outbreak of many other communicable diseases like influenza, bird flue etc.

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