Prevention is better than cure

Allergic disorders follow the concept of “Allergic march”.

Allergic march is often seen in ‘Atopic’ individuals. Atopy is the inherent tendency to form igE in large numbers.

IgE or immunoglobulin-E is the antibody responsible for development of allergic symptoms. There are other antibodies in our body; like IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD- they have different functions.

It’s seen that atopic individuals first develop food allergy in infancy resulting in atopic dermatitis with itching and rashes. With passing time the child develops allergic-rhinitis, later allergic-bronchitis, then allergic bronchial asthma. Later on airway remodelling takes place. In older age asthma mimics as COPD, they develop underlying ILD features and pulmonary hypertension. In the end stage respiratory failure takes place.

The allergic component goes on progressing in a march like fashion. If you identify the causative allergen and start avoiding it from beginning, the march stops.

Sometimes avoidance measures are not enough and you need immunotherapy which is a kind of desensitisation process.

Time is very precious in allergy. The level of atopic march an individual has gained, that can’t be reversed. So earlier you identify the allergen and change your lifestyle, better prognosis you can expect. The dose of drugs needed for best symptom control goes on increasing with increasing age. That’s why called- prevention is better than cure.

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