Is’t allergy or corona?

Symptoms of allergy & corona can mimic each other. It’s better not to self diagnose and take help of an allergist/immunologist. Allergists are specialised doctors who treat allergy & asthma.

Corona patients have predominantly respiratory symptoms like cold, cough, fever, sore throat, chest pain, difficulty in breathing. Similar symptoms occur in many other diseases like allergies or asthma or other respiratory infections like influenza etc.

Allergy has a tendency to relate with seasonal or diurnal variations. They are there for long time and without fever. Covid 19 patients have a typical history of short duration with either a history of travel from endemic area or contact history with other Covid patients. Characteristic x-ray chest & CT-Chest help in differentiating between two.

CBC, total IgE, spirometry, family history of atopy, childhood pneumonia, atopic dermatitis, lack of points in favour of Covid 19 goes in favour of allergies.

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