World COPD day 2019

A mass awareness program was organised on the occasion of world COPD day 2019, 20th November, Wednesday.

A group of volunteers travelled through the town and distributed pamphlets about means of keeping safe from harmful effects of smoke and how to stay safe during winter.

The bike rally ended by converting into a meeting at Dhanwantari Allergy and Asthma Clinic located at dhaka road, Chhatauni chowk, motihari bihar.

Dr Vivek kumar, gold medalist, allergy & asthma specialist addressed the gathering on this occasion. He focused on the need of certified high quality masks to safeguard from smoke & particulate matters. Other points to prevent the COPD exacerbation are use of vaccines like that of influenza , pneumonia etc. he focused on the use of maintenance therapy of inhalers.

We should discourage use of biomass fuels in kitchen, incentivise use of battery operated bikes & cars, promote use of roof top solar panels.

We all should focus of tree plantation to curb the rising menace of pollution as COPD is being caused mainly by smoke and harmful gases.

It’s high time we change ourselves else 3/4 th of our generation will have COPD in later ages and most of our children will suffer from this dreadful disease.

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