Allergen: Chenopodium album

Chenopodium album commonly known as बथुआ (हिंदी), chandanbethu (Bengali), chakavata (Marathi), badane bettaave (Kannada), vastuccira (Malayalam), cakkaavarttikkirai (Tamil), chakravarthi koora (Telugu) is a moderate allergen, an upright weed (30-80 cm long) very common in temperate regions, how’s almos everywhere in nitrogen rich soil, especially on wasteland. It is also gown as vegetable crop.

Chenopodium album

Chenopodium album pollinates between August to December and October to January. It’s pollens measure about 14-50 micron in diameter. Patients with its allergy will get affected in these months.

  • It belongs to
  • Family: Amaranthaceae
  • Subfamily: Chenopodiaceae
  • Genus: Chenopodium
  • Species: Chenopodium album
  • Common name: Lamb’s-quarters, Goosefoot

The major allergens are Che a 1, Che a 2 & Che a 3.

Symptoms: Patients allergic to pollens of Cenopodium album / Lamb’s quarter show symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma.

It shows cross reactivity with Amaranthus, Artiplex, Birch, Timothy grass etc.

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