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World COPD Day Camp 2016

A free health camp was organised on the occasion of world COPD Day 2016. It has continued for 2 days I.e on 16th and 17th and going to be continued till tomorrow I.e. 18th November 2016. Till today about 400 patients got benefited. Free consultation regarding allergy asthma COPD and sleep Apnoea was provided to patients along with free investigations as required. All necessary investigations like blood, urine, SPUTUM, chest X-ray, ECG, Rbs, SPIROMETRY were done for free.

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Free COPD camp

dhanwantari allergy & asthma clinic is organising a mega camp for asthma COPD patients on the occasion of world COPD day 2015.

Patients can avail not only free consultation but also get different investigations done for free.

Spirometry, ecg, chest X-ray, blood routine, urine routine, blood sugar, sputum analysis tests are made available for the poor patients for free.

Dr Vivek kumar, our allergy & asthma specialist will give free consultation to the patients at our clinic on 23rd November 2015.

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It’s time to take your flu shot!

Are you asthmatic? Consult your doc to get influenza vaccine!

Influenza virus is more rampant during rainy season, and it’s infection can pull down your lung function despite of best treatment and here prevention is always better than cure.

If you are taking your flu vaccine for first time, two vaccines given one month apart will protect you. Next year onwards you will require only one shot.

Contact us for more details

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The Hero In All Of Us

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