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Fake allergy tests

Labs providing allergy reports of smoke, medicines, cosmetics by a mere blood test should caution you for its genuineness.

Do you visit a laboratory or consult a doctor for your fever?

You buy a over the counter medicine by getting your blood pressure checked by pathologist ? If your answer is NO, then you should visit an allergist for any allergy related queries.

allergens act in so many different ways that it needs to be evaluated in individualized manner. Your allergist decides upon the need of investigations after a thorough history.

Lab tests relying on blood investigations can cost you dear creating unnecessary confusion and adding more problems rather solving it.

So, next time you see or hear an ad claiming to reveal your allergy , visit your doctor first !

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Allergens are microscopic invisible particles responsible for your allergy symptoms.

Air bound allergens are called aeroallergens. It can be

1. perennial,

2. seasonal or

3. perennial with seasonal exacerbations.

Depending on the allergen to which you are allergic to, symptoms vary accordingly.

Fungal spores or molds are perennial, while pollens are mostly seasonal. Dust mites vary depending on place and climate.

Few insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches can act like aeroallergens too.

Consult an allergist to get your sensitization checked and discuss to find out the allergen responsible.

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World COPD Day Camp 2018

3rd Wednesday of November is celebrated as world COPD Day to create awareness.

This year our clinic is organizing a free investigations / treatment camp for poor and needy COPD patients.

Place: Dhanwantari Allergy and Asthma Clinic.

Dhaka road, Chhatauni chowk, Motihari, Bihar India

Facilities: free on the camp day, includes spirometry, ecg, blood tests, sputum test, urine test, chest radiology.

Time: 08:00 am to 08:00 pm

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Thunderstorm asthma

Asthmatics out there, the monsoon has arrived in india so you better gear up with your protective suits.

Mere having an umbrella or rain coat is not going to protect you in case you are allergic to pollens in this season.

You should also be aware of the effect and risks of lightening and thunderstorm on your health.

Kindly see this picture below to understand how lightening increases your chances to get sic.

Staying indoor during thunderstorm is advised.

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