Covid 19 in Allergy Clinic

Taking precautions is the only way to prevent spread of infection.

Now government ordering all private doctors and clinics to reopen their OPD has resulted in gradually increasing number of Opd cases.

Covid19 patients can be absolutely asymptotic still be able to spread infection to others. In symptomatic patients they can mimic other respiratory infections like influenza etc.

Ideally you should avoid visiting a clinic/hospital for minor problems. Consult your doctor over phone or take advantage of video consultation facilities.

Doctors need to wear PPE inside clinic, also make it available for all the staffs coming in direct contact with patients. Minimum 1 meter distance has to be maintained between 2 patients. Provide mask to all the patients and relatives. Ask your patients, relatives and staffs to use sanitizer after touching any object or person. Disinfect all the chairs, reception counter, billing counter, beds using 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution. Depute a staff for this purpose who keeps spraying on regular interval.

In case you are our patient, I.e. Dhanwantari Allergy & Asthma Clinic, Dhaka road, Chhatauni chowk, motihari, bihar, India; reach us @ 844-845-55-45 for tele enquiry. For video consultation use the app @

Remember, hospitals are potential source of infection spread. No doctor can say whether you are having corona infection or not. Even tests are coming out to be negative which is called “false negative”. PCR based tests are much better compared to rapid blood antibody based tests. Few patients need repeated tests to get diagnosed. So, it’s better to treat all subjects as suspected. Keep maintaining the social distance even with asymptotic persons.

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